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Highlights of Fort Lauderdale Kappa League

We have had a rather exciting year; however, nothing stands in Fort Lauderdale Kappa League's way! Our young men have maintained an optimistic look on the year and inspired us all to do the same. Overcoming obstacles became a regular pastime for us. Here is a look back at some of our events and activities. 

December 2021

Our Kappa leaguers wanted to get a chance to show their skills in the lanes. One of the first opportunities to socialize with each other. Great turn out and a great start of some friendships for some of our new KLs.


We were able to retake part back in the Sistrunk Festival. Post-Covid, a bevy of things has changed our expected participation in local staple activities. The Sistrunk Festival was no different; however, in light of new societal changes, we have been able to return to the festival. Our Kappa Leaguer has used this festival as an opportunity to socialize, earn volunteer hours, and fundraise for the program. The turnout was terrific, and the KLs, of course, made a memory of it.

Feb - Mar

During February and March, we also had a raffle fundraiser for a Playstation 5. As our inaugural fundraiser, our KLs (and KL Parents) set out to earn funds for the program and maybe obtain a ticket or two. Our program was able to make $6,614 in the fundraiser. We raffled off a Grand prize of a Playstation 5 (PS5), a $50 gift card, and a $25 gift card. Fort Lauderdale Kappa League also rewarded our Kappa Leaguers. Those who did some incredible fundraising were awarded a $150 Gift card (Most Sold), a $100 gift card (2nd Most), and a $50 Gift card (3rd Most).


Top Kappa League Fundraisers (Left to Right):

3rd - Jeffrey K.

2nd - Jalen J.

1st - Ricardo S.


Grand Prize Raffle recipient Michael Shorter.